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My name is Cheryl Brown

My name is Cheryl Brown, and I live in Cape Neddick, Maine. I have 2 beautiful toddlers (Esther and Joel), who are 13 months apart - and a hard working stay at home husband (Jason), who joins me on shoots from time to time. My father passed away unexpectedly in June 2022, and Ive been working hard to achieve my dream, that he has always supported me in. Photography has been a passion for me for a long time, and Its a dream to have something that moves my soul, be my job. God has truly blessed me.

Cheryl Brown

My history in the field, and why I love my job

I know some people think “oh she’s just a photographer” but to me, the love of my career runs much deeper than a camera lens. To me, when I take a photo of your family I don’t just see Christmas cards and Facebook posts - I see these photos as a center piece at your child’s wedding. I see the photo of you and your partner kissing at your elopement, blown up as a canvas; the first thing people see when they enter the celebration of your 50th wedding anniversary. I see the photo I took of nana and all of her grandkids placed over the mantle for generations to come. I see the photo of your newborn baby printed on their high school graduation cake. I don’t see people, I don’t see poses, or money, or time - I see life. I see love, relationships - I see moments in time, memories.

My experience runs back to the days of film, and my editing experience to the dark room, using light exposure and chemicals to obtain the perfect photograph. Digital photography has changed the industry drastically, something I have not only learned, but embraced. But my love for the craft, and the art of photography has never changed. But it didn't just start in the dark room, I have spent years learning the history of photography, and studying famous photographers through time such as: Dorothea Lange, Elliott Erwitt, Alexey Titarenko, Ansel Adams, and Paul Strand. I currently follow some of the best shooters out there including Joel Grimes, Rebecca Carroll, Angela Ponce, and Trey Ratcliff. All of whom, at the very least, have given me something beautiful to look at.

Krista Brassard


"I've seen your work and I trusted you a million percent, but you crushed these. Amazing Cheryl. So so happy with how they came out. Thank you doesn't seem like enough."